Foot care & Diabetic Solutions

Logo KareDiabetes causes damage to blood vessels and this affects circulation. The tissue essentially starves to death and dies.

People with diabetes are at risk for blood vessel injury, which may be severe enough to cause tissue damage in the legs and feet. If nerve damage is also a problem, then the person may not be aware of the injuries that have occurred in their legs or feet.

At that point, minor infections sometimes develop into deep tissue injuries that may even require surgery. In extreme cases, amputation of the foot or limb may be necessary. Good foot care is very important to prevent problems.

The Orthotic advantage for Foot Care and Diabetic Solutions at KARE includes advanced fabrication techniques using state of the art machines. AMFIT foot scanner is one of our technologies, which ensures precise fit for many pedorthic devices. The materials used in constructing a diabetic foot orthoses are FDA approved. These raw materials are directly sourced from U.S to attain the highest quality and durability of the product.