Electronic Controlled Kafo

E-MAG Active from OTTOBOCK
The 17B202N E-MAG Active is an electronic stance control KAFO that actually calibrates itself to understand how your patients walk, then adjusts itself to meet their needs. This low-profile, easy to fit KAFO offers another high-tech option for patients that need bracing support they can rely on.

E-MAG Active

Features and Benefits

  • Stance Control helps users achieve a more natural gait, thereby reducing compensatory movements that can lead to degenerative conditions
  • Gyroscope monitors the orientation of the user’s limb (whether it is at heel off, heel strike, etc.).
  • Simple calibration allows the orthosis to customize the locking/unlocking feature during the fitting process
  • Manual locking/unlocking function makes it easy for users to operate
  • Does not require minimum ankle range of motion to achieve stance control function
  • Accommodates up to 15° knee flexion contracture in conjunction with dorsal stop at ankle