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Kare is now in chennai and goa.

An expo to promote accessible products (Chennai)

Colourful prosthetics with different patterns for children, a matchmaking app for the disabled from the age of 25 and smart watches as well as walking sticks equipped with geo-fencing and voice recognition to help the blind — these were among the many products and equipment on display at ‘VaccesS’ , an initiative by Vidyasagar to promote accessibility.

“When people talk about accessibility, it is recognised more as a need rather than a right which is where the focus should be. There are many who want to improve their lives through such assisted devices as well as adapted technology and the thought behind this two day initiative was to connect people creating accessible designs, equipment and assisted devices to the end users,” said Dipti Bhatia, Deputy Director, Vidyasagar.

Among the vendors who had set up stalls as a part of the VaccesS Expo, Kare Prosthetics and Orthotics had equipment in a number of colours.

“We got requests from many parents for prosthetics in pink and yellow which their children seem to prefer,” noted Dinesh Rajan, from the company.

Speaking about the mobile app ‘Inclov’, a matchmaking app for people with disability and health disorders, Shankar Srinivasan, co-founder from Gurgaon told people interested that there were more than 2,200 members till date on the app, launched in January.

As a part of the VaccesS initiative, an awareness run has also been scheduled for April 10.

“We hope to take the expo to a national level in the coming years which will bring together more such persons involved in such equipment and products as well as initiatives which promote accessibility to reach more people who can benefit from it,” said Kavitha Yeshwin, Coordinator of the Resources committee.

KARE launches its world class gait training centre in Bangalore

Prosthetic Gait Training for Lower Extremity Amputees at KARE includes a systematic approach of a variety of methods for teaching amputees to weightshift, maintain prosthetic control and utilize the pelvis & trunk correctly during walking.

Aids used in training include partial body weight unloading Harness systems (Postural control device), Parallel bars, Ramps and stairs, Treadmills etc. Balance training activities are performed using interactive mediums like Playstations.

Based on this basic and applied research- techniques have been developed to assist in the retraining of walking function for a wide range of impairments. These Techniques are called Partial Weight Bearing (PWB) Gait Therapy. PWB Gait Therapy relies on a combination of two elements: 1. A postural control device that reduces the amount of weight born by the patient; and 2. A treadmill operated at slow speed to retrain proper patterns of walking. Researchers in Canada, Germany, and the United States have clinically tested and established the usefulness of this gait retraining program.The Partial Weight Bearing Gait Training technique frees the trainer to facilitate proper gait patterns for patients with even severe gait deficits by providing a safely supported environment for the patient. New Amputees get the benefit of a having a secure system around them which will prevent them for falling which make a huge psychological impact on their progress.

There are three main components of locomotion/gait: posture, balance, and coordination. One or more of these components can be affected the loss of a limb, thus limiting the individual's ability to walk with normal patterns. By using a very comprehensive approach and newer modalities training is provided to the lower extremity patients to master

These three components of gait.

The HiFi socket reaches India

KARE is the only clinic in South Asia Licensed to provide this unique and patented service.

KARE is proud to introduce a revolutionary new socket design that leads to more stability of the residual limb of an amputee. This patent-pending design is a complete departure from current prosthetic sockets and delivers a feel like your limb and prosthesis are locked together as one.

Users of the socket design, experience increased stability, greater comfort and energy efficiency, a lower perceived weight for the prosthesis and an overall highly improved intimate fit which allows for increased functionality!

How it works:
The HiFi Interface gets closer to the bone by employing a patent-pending alternating compression and release design. Longitudinal struts apply centripetal compression to select areas of the limb, and uniquely designed windows between the struts proactively manage the gradual release of displaced soft tissue, enabling volume to safely escape.

Whether you are an upper or lower limb loss patient, you'll experience a more efficient, better performing and more comfortable socket.

If you are a transfemoral amputee, you'll be able to walk faster with a longer stride and expend less energy. Your balance when standing will also improve. If you're an upper limb amputee, you'll be able to carry heavier loads, lift your arm up higher, and have improved stability. You also won't experience the "sweat factor."


If you are feeling that you are not getting the most from your prosthesis, if you are feeling fatigued after only a few hours of activity, if you cannot sit comfortably, if you look forward to the time of day you take your prosthesis off, then you are a candidate for this breakthrough socket system.

Don't waste any more time with a socket that isn't helping your mobility or functionality. Call KARE for a FREE evaluation and to experience the HiFi difference. Exclusive in India at KARE Prosthetics & Orthotics – Bangalore.

KARE is the only clinic in South Asia Licensed to provide this unique and patented service.

KARE at 3rd International Conference on C.P @ RECOUP

Saravanan Sundarakrishnan, Clinical Director at KARE Prosthetics and Orthoticswill be Guest lecturing at the 3rd International Conference on Cerebral Palsy organized at RECOUP Neuro-musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore.

  • International Conference on C.P @ RECOUP
  • International Conference on C.P @ RECOUP
  • International Conference on C.P @ RECOUP
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