Paediatric Prosthetics

It takes a well-coordinated team to provide optimum prosthetic care. As a parent or caregiver, you are a key player on that team. Your child’s doctor, therapist and school aide may team up with your prosthetist to help that child reach his or her potential. Children tend to need prosthesis either due to a congenital defect that has left them without a limb or necessary amputation due to diseases or an accident.We customise the prostheses to fit the child and then help them with rehabilitation as well as psychological counselling to help them deal with the change. Providing the right prosthetic limb for the needs and activity level in pediatric amputees is truly a specialty. When your child needs a prosthetic device, you want a specialist who has not only the technical experience, but also the ability to communicate and connect with your child. Our clinicians understand that kids are not just little adults.