Stance Controlled Kafo

SPL-2 Stance Control KAFO from Fillauer LLC
Developed by Basko Healthcare, a Fillauer affiliate in the Netherlands, the Swing Phase Lock 2 (SPL2) uses a simple internal pendulum mechanism to lock and unlock the knee depending on the angle of the joint in the sagittal plane. During gait, the device locks just prior to heel strike for support during stance and unlocks the knee at heel off in preparation for swing. This action is intended to mimic the normal physiologic action of the knee extensors. Because the mechanism is position dependent, it does not rely on heel loading or cabling as in other designs. This allows for a more normal gait pattern and prevents circumduction or hip hiking commonly seen in standard KAFOs.

The Swing Phase Lock 2 has four modes of operation controlled by a proximal remote push-button switch: 1. Free motion
2. Automatic Lock/Unlock
3. Manual Lock
4. Manual Unlock

The different modes allow the patient to select automatic lock for walking, unlock for sitting, lock for standing or free motion for driving in a car or riding a bicycle.


  • Automatic locking prior to heel strike
  • Closely mimics normal gait pattern
  • Free flexion during swing phase
  • Minimizes energy consumption
  • Eliminates circumduction and vaulting
  • Facilitates toe clearance during swing phase
  • Added patient security
  • Increased range of motion to 151°
  • Two locking positions at 0° and 15°
  • Extended wear bumper
  • Teflon bushings for sideloading
  • High load PEEK bushing
  • Four modes of control
  • No cables or special heel connections
  • Easy fabrication