Fracture and Trauma Bracing

Fracture braces are used for mid ulnar or radial fractures, wrist and hand fractures, distal humeral fractures, proximal radial and/or ulnar fractures, tibial fractures, femroal fractures and post-operative or post-cast stabilization. These are available in both semi-rigid and rigid forms according to the need and the type of fracture.

Humeral Fracture Orthosis:
Sarmiento Design for different levels
of Humeral Fractures.

EWHO Fracture design:
for Lower humeral, Elbow and upper
forearm fracture.

Forearm Fracture Orthosis:
Sarmiento design for
forearm fractures.

Tibial Fracture Orthosis:
Sarmiento design for Tibial fractures.

Femoral Fracture Orthosis:
Sarmiento design for Femur fractures.

Custom Orthosis


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